Creative Counsel

Kaelo are the developers of the “open bottle host” by the same name; Kaelo – keeping drinks chilled and every drop at the perfect temperature. No mess, no drips, and no maintenance.

Evolving from the humble beginnings of the founder’s mum’s conservatory to the global must-have kitchen appliance, Kaelo’s requirements have always been to reflect the thirst for the future that they and their consumers posses in how they’re visually represented.

Motive have worked closely with the aspirational brand through its 3 rebrands during their 13 years of existence as it has found its place in various markets and continues to enhance its product portfolio.

As a startup, Kaelo (then Kaezen – a take on the Japanese word for continuous improvement) knew it needed to target HNW individuals from all walks of life. Being a brand new product with no competitors and having the unenviable task of teaching people that they had been getting bottle cooling all wrong, a symbol was needed that implied confidence, heritage and pride in being completely British built.

Usurping the ice bucket was going to be no simple task.

As the company and the product grew, flourishing in the residential market with consumers that clearly wanted the radical and not the antiquated, so did the brand and the way it spoke to its market.

Kaelo today proudly boasts an identity that is youthful, courageous and beautiful, with a bold aesthetic that assures its arrival as well as a tone of voice that eases you into its storytelling with wit and charm, as with all the very best hosts.

Motive have been on hand through each change in tonality and direction to ensure that Kaelo and its demographic were always completely understood, and following that guided in the right direction when it comes to visual communication.

Designer Award 2022 - Innovation in Design