Brand Identity

Thirdway have cultivated a best-in-class reputation over the past 12 years, defined as the alternative office design and build company. Youthful, innovative, passionate and culture driven.

Motive have worked closely with Thirdway over the past 7 years, as the brand grew from irreverent start up to firmly established front runners. As can be imagined, this has meant constant evolution of brand identity and required absolute knowledge of culture and purpose.

Motive were integral to the collaborative process on 3 brand upheavals and 2 website overhauls, no mean feat for an identity that people inside and out of the company grew very attached to.

Thirdway’s challenge was always that they had that something, that special sauce that everyone felt when they entered the building, but no one could quite put into words. In the age of ‘vibes’ and ‘energies’, Thirdway’s was truly intangible.

Motive’s intimate knowledge of the company’s history and desired future, as well as relationships with key figures within the company, enabled them to truly know when the solution was right. Extensive searches were done to collaborate with only the most fitting partners in delivering re-brands and web design, with highly effective results.

Those that were protective of the brand were continually content and excited, despite being pushed to potentially uncomfortable places. New client bases also opened up as the brand matured and refined, whilst still pushing the limits far from what was expected of the construction industry.

Thirdway x Collective x Kemosabe x Ragged Edge x Hambly Freeman x Motive