Brand Integration

Epam are one of those companies who do so much across so many industries that they become increasingly difficult to define and place under a singular banner. They have 82 offices spanning the globe, most of which follow are dictated by strict brand colours of electric blue and yellow, with the occasional quirky feature.

Motive were brought in to transform this approach to their spaces, giving the London team an identity and energy that was missing from other locations. Together we picked apart the message that Epam wanted to send to users about who they are and who they intend to be.

The solution started with the line ‘engineering the future’ and the key point being that their people needed to be inspired to bring about innovation in digital engineering by the space they inhabited.

“This is exactly why I chose you guys for this gig. I love it”
- Phil Wilce, Creative Director Europe, Epam

Cue extensive research into what makes digital engineers tick. What inspires? What part of the mind needs to be accessed and stimulated? Who are the idols of the engineering world? Which processes changed the game?

The result was not only a beautiful office, but it was truly Epam’s office, and functioned specifically for their engineers. Adorned with installations to make people raise a smile, an eyebrow or a pencil, features ranged from bespoke furniture inspired by Brian Eno’s oblique strategy cards, to a wall of rubber ducks in reference to the engineering technique of ‘rubber duck debugging’.

Upon inspection, Epam CEO Arkadiy Dobkin declared that the design and brand integration on this project will be held as the gold standard worldwide.

Epam x Thirdway x Motive