Brand Integration

Ezra are a digital coaching platform that exist to enable happiness and productivity on as wide a scale as possible. The name Ezra is even Hebrew for ‘Helper’. Their journey started 3 years ago, driven by desire to provide professional coaching to the masses, not simply the upper echelons of organisations. 

Over 3 years their culture has become something to take note of, driving success to a place that required an upgrade in HQ for the ‘Ezranauts’.

In just 2 months, Motive endeavoured to turn a one-size-fits-all plug and play space into a haven for ‘Fun Culture’ and fanaticism. 

The result is humorous, trippy & youthful. Its excitement out loud; optimism through creativity and passion. A happy spirit that Pharrell Williams would be proud of. 

In a moment you could exit the ‘X’ room, catered to executive clients, implementing a premium finish that even boasts a Kaelo bottle chiller, for optimum temperature OJ, making your way to the body-engulfing super sofa in the living room area that aims to transport the mind to a place where you’re able to truly feel at home.

Meeting rooms have purpose at their heart, none more so than ‘Ronald’, named after Ezra’s first client McDonald’s, in which the aesthetic swerves the obvious red & yellow path. Aided by a display of vintage happy meal toys, it’s already a fan favourite, where the sweet colours seem to seep into people’s minds upon entry.

Another highlight is the large curved mural that broadcasts the excellent David Shillinglaw’s artwork into the open plan space. The intuitive and playful forms give a patchwork of thought provocation that stem from Ezra’s purpose, as well as his own musings.

Other highlights include the Coke bottle installation in the ‘Cola’ room that uses Ezra’s pitch-winning bottle as the focal point, the formally-red phone booth that has been with Ezra since through all their office moves- given a Shoreditch makeover courtesy of street artist Captain Kris, the ‘Lisbon’ room which celebrates Ezra’s first worldwide company gathering with emphatic colour and authentic Portuguese tiling, and not forgetting the gravity defying Ezranaut spacesuit that hovers above those waiting to be seen in reception.

Ezra’s happy x productivity hub is the millennial playground that CEO Nick Goldberg has long dreamed of, willed by his team’s unwavering enthusiasm, that opens its arms to all those that embrace Ezra’s do-good to feel-good mantra.

"When we started with Motive we were looking for a partner who would not only welcome the chance to work with a brief that was maybe quite far out, but that would take our brief to an even bigger and better level"
Nick Goldberg - Ezra Founder & CEO