Brand Integration

Faculty are a human-led AI-driven consultancy that use their genius to aid their clients in predicting the future. Ever expanding, Faculty were moving to a larger floor plate at their London address, from an inherited ‘tech generic’ space to their first personally curated office.

Motive worked closely with the brand and people teams on the tight 2 month programme to ensure that tone and culture were captured, with the goal to drive a sense of belonging amongst a large team that had become more remote.

The result was a premium, light refraction-inspired representation of Faculty’s incredible project work and people.

Walking through the front doors there is a prominent sense that Faculty have arrived. The hallway walls and ceiling are blacked out to create a tighter, more immersive experience, with the light-trail-inspired overhead lighting leading the way.

To either side of you is Faculty’s game changing data output; the very projects that have made their name, not simply printed and framed, but brought to life in multi-dimensional and interactive mediums.

Each meeting room boasts artwork based on pivotal figures from the history of machine learning, with each piece developed using AI itself.

Feature room signage and shelving replicate fragmented light, a key influence of the Faculty brand, and formulate new aesthetics when reflected in the rooms’ dichroic manifestation; the conceptual and analytical depth of Faculty’s purpose literally mirrored throughout the space.

As you move into the heart of the office, Motive transformed a previously all-grey-everything, low-ceilinged breakout space into one of life and internal cultural references. An eating space that represents Faculty’s togetherness, rather than a purely functional food hub. Each of the walls were hand sprayed to resemble light as it graduates from cool blues to comforting warm pink and yellow hues as you delve further in.

Above the bar boasts neon that takes pride in the team’s regular pizza and beer gatherings, made uniquely Faculty in design. On the opposite wall sits a bespoke ‘Game of Life’ installation, a zero-player game that creates unknown outcomes to inspire engineers and those that study machine learning.

Faculty wanted a space that they could call their own, one that showed people the light in getting back together to enjoy the human element of their formula. What they’ve got is a space that tells their story and no one else’s. A workplace that not only looks like a journey through time and space, but one that accurately reflects Faculty’s. It’s Pink Floyd in a Millenium Falcon. It oozes cool, pride, work ethic, collaboration, experimentation and process. It simply is Faculty.

We've had lunch together every day since we opened the office. That's never happened. I think we would have paid twice the amount just to have that
Vicky Marchington - Chief People Officer