Brand Integration

As social media companies continue to lead the way in employee benefits and environments, grappling with their peers for the brightest talent going, LinkedIn identified that their London HQ needed to be more competitive experience-wise.

The brief was issued to take a dated space and bring through themes that would immerse their people into a world not only beyond desks and tables, but beyond their imagination.

It was the inventiveness and creativity of Motive’s proposal that left LinkedIn with no doubt as to how to bring their brand alive physically. Over the 60,000 sq.ft. space on New Oxford Street, a theme was chosen for each floor following a series of collaborative workshops, meeting rooms were then themed around those.

Beyond paint and finishes were some show stopping features that allowed visitors to interact with an office space like never before.

Highlights included:
– Tipex-personalised Dr Martens hanging in the punk-themed room
– Hand embroidered banners in the Game of Thrones room
– Secret Narnia meeting room through a wardrobe
– Bespoke concrete seating complete with graffiti by Captain Kris in Southbank room
– Streetfood market breakout space
– Bespoke lighting made up of brass instruments in the Jazz room
– Hand scanner entrance and secret martini lockup within 007 meeting room

– Partition-sandwiched tennis ball feature in Wimbledon meeting room
– Bespoke tennis racket feature light
– Mini golf zone, with golf tee formed LinkedIn logo adorning the entrance
– Bespoke themed artwork throughout by Damilola Odusote
– Hidden UV light features in Baker Street room
– CCTV art installation in 1984 room
– Liquid glitter floor tiles in Glam Rock room