Brand Integration

Going through an identity shift whilst designing their flagship London HQ,
Revolut were sure of what they weren’t, but not yet sure of what they would be.

After a series of in-depth meetings with key stakeholders within the company, Motive produced a series of statement pieces, alongside the office fit out team, that curated a journey and conjured the emotion Revolut desired from their staff and their clients.

Revolut were growing at an unstoppable pace with the mantra of disrupting traditional banking. The edgier, bolder, more powerful force than their fintech competitors. That was key to the feeling once you stepped foot on Revolut territory.

“It felt as though the team were doing this as it were their own office and made the whole project a very pleasant experience”
- Tom Hambrett, Group General Counsel, Revolut

The tones and textures chosen by the fitout team reinforced the sentiment.
Motive collaborated with all parties seamlessly to ensure the brand-led installations took that pride and energy to the next level.

The focal piece is the Never Settle wall, now famed within Revolut’s community worldwide for its Instagrammability. Revolut were big fans of neon signage and we pushed for this piece to go beyond the oft-seen eye catching medium, introducing concrete housing for each letter; representing their will as an immovable force. The letters sit on top of a wall of powerful newspaper articles, sourced from the British Library, that proudly boast those who have stood up for their causes and refused to back down.

The company’s values are boldly displayed throughout the space in attention demanding neon, but one slogan in particular was heavily debated on the client team. ‘Get shit done’ went back & forth with ‘Get it done’ until we proposed that we intentionally kill the lighting on the ‘sh’ part, providing an agreeable and unforgettable feature wall.

The design standards of the London HQ have now been successfully rolled out in Revolut’s Porto and Vilnius offices also.

London Design Award 2019
Revolut x Thirdway x Mattr x Motive