Brand Integration

Brand integration is a service offered to clients that have a particularly well-defined brand and culture, enabling them to weave those values throughout their space. Motive takes a brief solely focused on your brand elements to achieve synergy with the spatial design, taking into account not just brand colours and fonts, but storytelling, concepts and ideals.

The work with Thirdway over a period of years was always pleasantly challenging due to their particularly irreverent and intangible culture. With the reputation as trail blazers in the office design industry, it was key that they were represented as precisely that within their own space.

Art installations throughout their Old Street space included:
– Stained glass window
– Multiple bespoke wallpapers feature, displaying iconography through the years at the company
– Illustrated gig poster-style display featuring milestone projects
– Goal-based interactive rocket display
– Manifestation tying into brand sentiment
– Model train set window display

For everyone using the office, from key stakeholders, to employees, to clients & potential employees, we specialise in the importance of immersing them within the brand’s way of life. That Thirdway-feeling that was all-important to capture was continually enhanced by collaboration with some of the most incredible talent.

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