Brand Standards + Activation

Tide are the go-to bank for independent business owners, providing a level of support for small companies that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Their success in recent years had meant that they themselves needed support in defining what Tide meant culturally, so that each new office space of theirs popping up globally incorporated their unique essence.

Motive initially worked with Tide teams from all over the world to nail down exactly who they are and how their spaces should be brought to life in Tide-y fashion. That research culminated in their Global Workplace Brand Standards.

Following shortly after, the London team were in desperate need of a new space; one that worked in a manner that better represented their post-pandemic ways of working.

At the time Tide were a remote-first organisation who wanted their physical space to act primarily as a benefit, as opposed to an obligatory pilgrimage. Motive worked closely with fit out firm AIS to curate a space that was more members club than fintech office.

The space’s primary objective was to enable diverse thinking, spark creativity and start new conversations, all of which had to be translated through the lens of their 3 values; One Team, Members First and Data Driven.

Straight out the gate you’re brought in by the Tide ‘welcome hug’, a display that incorporates Tide’s bank cards, with a greeting monitor that ensures the warmth of the culture is felt immediately. The card display was produced by Tide members The Poured Project, ensuring that the ‘Members First’ pillar was adhered to in a subtle yet effective manner.

As you meander through the space, its noticeable that the office arrangement has multiple pathways, making the space more susceptible for chance encounters. A ‘Data Driven’ AI model was used to create the central ‘social thread’ that enables a higher likelihood that people will mix and collaborate.

The social thread features further methods of encouraging Tide’s ‘One Team’ into sporadic moments of play and communication, something dearly missed in the Covid days.

The pass n play section features multiple games that can be played with others however frequently or infrequently they use the space. Motive created brand-specific neon lights that referenced a number of Tide’s members.

The Kudos wall gives people the chance to share their talents and side hustles, as well as an opportunity to show appreciation for those around them, and an animal friendly station allows a moment to pause for paws.

Sustainability was also a key factor in bringing Tide to life in the physical realm. Reclaimed materials were used solely in the construction of the breakout area’s refill stations, manifestation on the meeting room partitions were sprayed by hand to avoid using non-recyclable vinyl, and waste signage throughout modified Tide’s recognised brand illustrations to guide people to the correct type of waste disposal.

Tide’s London HQ boasts an established yet homely aura that isn’t shiny tech or scrappy start up. It’s not paint the walls the bluest of Tide blues. This is a place that celebrates entrepreneurial spirit, with the ‘everything you need’ comfort of home, and the plush stylings of a members club.