Brand Integration

Wise fka Transferwise had a creative vision that incorporated their Estonian roots as well as representing their status as a truly global brand. The promise that they could transfer money overseas more efficiently than the rest needed to be captured in both the subtle and the more extraverted features of their office.

The jewel in the crown of these installations was the paper aeroplane piece, where bespoke Transferwise currency was produced, folded into plane form and soured overhead in their transitional space, moving from office to breakout. Wise’s reputation as fun-loving was there for all to see, whilst also incorporating a physical embodiment of easy and direct money transfers can be.

Throughout the space a series of patterns were created, used as manifestation on glass partitions as well as wall coverings, that were taken from the shapes found in watermarks on the currency of each country that Transferwise operates in.

The bespoke wall coverings were designed to work seamlessly alongside the minimal Scandi aesthetic that was desired by the client, with the lead interior designer working very closely with Motive to achieve absolute harmony.

“The team worked hard to interpret our ideas into workable designs, even the more left-field suggestions, developing a beautiful design that complements the building”
- Rachel Lloyd, People and Environment Manager, Transferwise
London Design Award 2017
Transferwise x Thirdway x Mattr x Motive